These words have been written about me online or emailed to me.  

"Your uniquely natural beauty, presence, intuitiveness and warmth create a connection which makes me feel like we've been lovers for years.  I feel so completely at ease, so valued and appreciated, when I am with you."- physce

What a woman! Alexis, in her 40's, is a sexually wise and beautiful angel to be sure. Totally no hassle, professional, clear arrangements and communication... nice private IC, and a genuinely nice person.-wil6

I've seen Alexis several times and she never ceases to amaze. Caring, intense, fun, passionate, giving. Her total focus is bringing pleasure to the one she shares the bed or massage table with in that moment.  -maley8540

Respect and intrigue were combined to result in excellent conversation, punctuated by distracting interludes of a more carnal nature. The genuine kiss as the door closed was a sign of times to come. She is bold and soft, and is skilled in all ways. …mthomason

I step across a threshold and into your arms. In an instant I have been transported to a sanctuary that engulfs me with beauty and desire. I have walked into the arms of an angel, a beautiful woman, a friend. - plata 

In my brief time in this hobby, I have found that what is shared can vary a lot, if it is present at all. Alexis shares so much, and heals body, mind, and spirit. - Firestar

Alexis is a reliable and long time provider with a stellar and established drama free reputation.  I will say that for me, the physical experience with Alexis rocks my world and I can’t get enough of her when I with her. During the pillow talk afterwards, with her pretty little head on my shoulder, she makes me feel like the lucky dog that I am to be beside her. If you’re fortunate enough to earn her trust, she’ll let her soul shine through for you while lay there and bask in the afterglow. A simple thank you seems so inadequate to express the gratitude I feel for all of the pampering Alexis has shown this old boy. Until we meet again, here's a great big THANK YOU Alexis!- dawgstyle

I was in Eugene for a few days, a super small town, and yet here was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Alexis is super sweet, smart and sexy. And she has an oasis of an incall that was the perfect way to relieve all the stress I needed... Go see her.—-aaaxm

What ensued beyond that moment was a dance, a flow so languid, pitch perfect in pace. Ethereal, exquisite, all too ephemeral, this was an experience I still savor, so many days later.- peakebager

I'm welcomed into her space and there is no place I would rather be, she makes me feel like there is no one she would prefer over me. We talk some about our lives, I find myself wanting to know as much as I can about her, as her grace and style tells of a sophistication that is lost by most.- Cheaptrick

Once you make contact with her, it will be a long and fruitful relationship because this is one provider who makes your happiness extremely important to her. It's almost as if, if you are not happy she's not happy.Altogether this was one of the best GFEs that I've had. If you're looking for a tall girl who will not only wrap around your body but also wrap around your mood and your needs Alexis is an incredible first choice.- Tellitfair

Simple to call and arrange a date with. Very pleasant to speak to on the phone. Arranged for her to come over to my room and verification was very simple.She arrived bang on time and was just how i imagined her to be..very pretty tall smart intelligent blonde-Ordinaryjoe1966

I could lie next to this beauty and gently let my hands glide over her soft skin for days on end and still revel in the pure joy of doing so again and again.


I have discovered a memory within my hands.

Eyes closed I touch your body,

Every curve, contour, subtlety

Comes rushing back to me.

As my fingers gently glide over your skin I need no eyes to know it is you.

I have discovered memory within my nose,

As I inhale your scent

Images rush back to me,

Your being,

Your spirit,

Your grace.

Without eyes, without touch,

I would know it is you next to me.

I have discovered memory within my lips.

Gently they brush across yours,

Warmth from your breath mingles with my own.

The softness,

The moisture,

The passion, that I have known comes back to me.

I need no eyes to know that the soft touch of the lips to mine belong to you.

I have discovered memory within my ears.

I need no eyes to know the softness of your breath,

The warmth of your whispers,

So soft,

So sweet.

I hear the tones and I know it is you.

I need no eyes to see you.

It is all part of me,

You have given of yourself to me and allowed me to know

In such a way that I need no eyes to see you.

If my eyes were to be lost tomorrow,

I could find comfort

Because your memory rests

Within me,

Within all my being.

I need no eyes to see your beauty.

I need no eyes to see your grace.

I need no eyes to see your smile.

All are embedded within me.

All have become part of me.

If you were to be gone tomorrow

You could not take away that which you have given.

You could not take away that which we have shared.

You could not take away my memory of you, for

You have given memory to my hands,

To my lips,

To my nose

To all of me.

Thank you for sharing so fully of yourself.





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